Friday, March 05, 2010

MacHeist NanoBundle

Well MacHeist is over, but MacUpdate Promo is now on.

MacHeist is running another bundle for only US$20 for the next couple days.

I am a user of RapidWeaver, which was part of a previous bundle, and can highly recommend it for developing pretty web sites fast.

My main reason for purchasing was the inclusion of MacJournal which looks to be a rather neat way to write and maintain a journal and publish the journal online should you wish.

I am very interested in using the file transfer software Flow. The other utility software, like Tracks and RipIt look cool enough to give a try.

There is also Clips and CoverScout which might be useful to someone.

The Tales of Monkey Island are old games, but damn they were entertaining back in the day. AirBurst Extreme is somewhat awkward to control. Burning Monkey Solitaire is a colourful entertaining version of Solitaire with a very wide range of Solitaire rules and random noises and jokes thrown in - surprisingly fun.

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