Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Capturing the screen in OS X

Cmd + Shift + 3
Will capture the current visible screen(s) into file(s) onto the desktop in PNG format.

Cmd + Shift + 4
Will enable a cursor to select a section of the screen for capture into a file onto the desktop in PNG format.

Cmd + Shift + 4, space, click
Captures the entire active application window into a file onto the desktop in PNG format.

Cmd + Space, "Skitch"
or select the heart shaped icon on the menu bar if sketch is running.
Upload to skitch/evernote or export to jpg/png. Skitch is a free app from the OS X app store which adds excellent annotation to screen capturing. Go get it now!

There are many more OS X command keyboard shortcuts that can really help your productivity. Keep good notes and keep the notes handy!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

iTunes Connect auto ingress tool script

Looking for a script to execute the iTunes Connect auto ingress tool Apple just made available?

The script is simple - it just downloads yesterday's daily report or some other day depending on the parameters and then unzips. The script is available here from github.

Usage: suck.sh
Gets yesterdays's report

Usage: suck.sh 20110822
Gets the report from 22nd August 2011

The auto ingress tool downloads daily or monthly reports from iTunes Connect using a java class. It requires Java 1.6 or later. The tool can be downloaded here, as reported in the App Store Sales and Trends Guide. This is just a java class. Put it in a folder you want the reports delivered to and run the script.