Monday, July 13, 2009

A keyboard shortcut to add hyperlinks in

Finally! For years, I wanted an easy way to press COMMAND-K to add a hyperlink in instead of using Edit | Link | Add.

Hawk Wings has a how-to. Just follow the directions and it will work.

Thank you! I will use this every day...

The trick is to set the keyboard shortcut through the system preferences then reference the menu item through it's title "Add...". This, amazingly, works. You can now press COMMAND-K, paste in the link and it's done.


Unknown said...

Nice ! , Thank You for the tip , I can't believe how easy that was to configure.

Unknown said...

Nice !

It was also easy to configure .

Jim Kelly said...

I use Command K all the time and I just used it in an e-mail to add a link and wanted to add another, but now I am unable to do so. The OK button doesn't light up. Makes me crazy! Why would it work one moment and not a minute later?????