Monday, December 28, 2009

There's a better way to access your emails from everywhere - use IMAP

If you haven't heard yet, IMAP is the best method for accessing and organizing your email.

Here's why:
  • You can access and modify your email from web, phone or local computer applications and have the changes synced automatically.
  • It's faster and more efficient to access emails and email headers.
  • Folders are synced between the server and all clients.
  • Move an email to a folder and it gets moved everywhere.
  • Most popular email clients support IMAP.
  • Emails can be copied between server and locally very easily using drag and drop (even large volumes).
These reasons were enough to convince me. So turn off your POP3 access and convert to IMAP. I use gmail as my mail client, but yahoo supports IMAP as well. The iPhone, Android and Blackberry use IMAP., Outlook and Thunderbird all support IMAP too so there's no excuse. And you can connect to your IMAP account and copy your existing POP3 emails over.

Do it, do it now. Or when you've got a few hours to kill. You won't regret it.

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