Saturday, September 02, 2006

Windows Remote desktop for the Mac

I didn't know!
It's available... just go here. It's a little klunky but works okay - you can only have one session open at a time though (AFAIK), which isn't the best but it works and you can transfer files too if you don't want to use network shares.


Anonymous said...

I use multiple concurrently running RDP session from the mac to a variety of windows servers. The way to work around the problem of only being able to launch one RDP session at a time I found was to just make a few copies of the RDP client in my applications folder. So I have RDP1, RDP2 etc and I use quicksilver to start different ones up and connect to different servers at the same time. I hope this helps.

Narbs said...

Thanks for the tip - I was wanting a way to do this - will come in handy. It's a pity MS didn't just add this as standard functionality.